Welcome to Klaus

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Klaus: The komodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the darkness, which the thunder, lapsing in its arms.
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Klaus: his boots are made for walking!
ltk: Act like: Lisa
Klaus: hooray
llarson: hooray
Klaus: i am *totally* into analingus.
gm862-e2e: act like: lukas
Klaus: what is a police car.
llarson: what is akam worth
Klaus: Do you remember me?
gm862-e2e: Do you remember me?
Klaus: Hi Klaus
gm862-e2e: Hi Klaus
Klaus: On 3/6/2006 at 10:22am was worth 26.31. This is +0.20 since the previous day.
ltk: What is AKAM worth?
Klaus: what are you?
68: how are you?
Klaus: hello
68: hello
Klaus: that's a perfectly cromulent word
speakeasy: Act like: Evan
Klaus: On 3/3/2006 at 4:00pm was worth 31.45. This is -0.25 since the previous day.
speakeasy: What is YHOO worth?
Klaus: This cat is the cutest!
speakeasy: Act like: Bailey
Klaus: Ok!
speakeasy: Bailey says: This cat is the cutest!
Klaus: Bailey is a female.
speakeasy: What sex is Bailey?
Klaus: Ok!
speakeasy: Bailey is a girl.
Klaus: A bottle is a boy
speakeasy: Bailey is a girl
Klaus: I don't know how to act like Bailey.
speakeasy: Act like: Bailey
Klaus: ssh is 31337.
speakeasy: Act like: chull
Klaus: smoke a manroot
speakeasy: Act like: Andy

klaus (about his name)